Dynamic Theme Developer

dynamicWordPress is free open source software. What make it so special is the theme – it created the colours and the imagery. There are thousands to choose from.  Most themes are quite rigid  you get certain widths, backgrounds and colours; it requires detailed coding knowledge to change them. Another problem is support and updates with themes.  Dynamic has changed all this. It’s ideal for WordPress beginners and experts alike.

  • Rock solid coding
  • Hundreds of easy to change settings.
  • Incredibly easy to alter CSS.
  • In built SEO (including unique tag and category enhancements)
  • The ability to set different designs to different pages.
  • Custom hooks (you can put anything anywhere)
  • Total widget flexibility
  • Design backups
  • Great support for custom post types

Example 1: www.clarke-energy.com
We were given a pdf of what the website needed to look like from a leading design agency. I ask myself, how could I use WordPress to build this design with pixel precision?  The only answer was the Dynamic theme. The themes ability to control every aspect of the design (like putting together a jigsaw puzzle) made the task of replicating the brief achievable.  Dynamic was able to support:

  • A 700 page corporate website for a £250 million turnover company
  • An Infusionsoft customised membership system.
  • Professional translation (into French)

Other Dynamic Theme examples:

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